single use USB temperature data logger With Automatic PDF report

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Plustrace G1 single use temperature data logger advantage:

Single use temperature data logger features:

Temperature Range: -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F); Accuracy: ±0.5°C (0.9°F); Resolution: 0.1°C/°F

Display: LED OK, Alarm, Running Status; Memory Capacity: 7200 readings

Logging Interval: 1 minute...2 hours; Logging Mode: Start & Stop

Battery: 3.0V CR2032 lithium Battery; Battery Life: 90 days

 Software: No Software required, directly get PDF report in PC

How to use this temperature data logger? - it's very easy!

G1 single use temperature data logger description:

Single Use Temperature Data Logger is a USB PDF Recording Indicator. This series data loggers are developed to monitor and capture temperature or

humidity excursions in pharmaceutical, biological and clinical trial supply chains. Applications: Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Refrigerator Trucks,

 Reefer ships, Reefer cars, Refrigerator ships, Warehouse etc.

Below is one picture Exporter benefit from our G1 single use temperature data logger:

Plustrace Main Advantage:

1,Very reliable product performance, we only work with world brand raw material  for our temperature data logger,suppliers like st,fluke, texas instrument, epson, nxp, kds, honeywell, panasonic, tadiran, ssp Data.

2,70% Engineers with more than 10 years related designing experience,ODM/OEM order welcome

3,Stable sales team with at least for 3-5years for each regional market, we understand the customers and the communicate cost is very low.

4,15days delivery guaranteed, Normally 5-8 days

Plustrace temperature data logger certified or  comply with CE,ROHS, NIST, IATA,EN12830 and FDA .

Company Information:

Plustrace Technology Co.,ltd, China’s leading temperature data logger manufacturer, specializes in developing, manufacturing, sales of temperature data loggers, temperature label and real time monitoring systems in cold chain industry, Plustrace loggers widely used in pharmaceutical, fruit and vegetable, foods, chemical and logistics industry all over the world.

Plustrace focus on customer’s needs , its data logging products are capable of measuring and monitoring temperature, humidity for ambient, dry ice and even extremely low environments, powering into your cold chain transportation, warehousing and last mile deliveryits product certified or  comply with CE,ROHS, NIST, IATA,EN12830 and FDA.

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Address: Jinshui Rd, free trade zone, zhengzhou,450046, Henan, PR china. 

G1 single use temperature data logger is engineered to measure and record temperature  for cold chain applications. This is a one-trip (single use) logger

 with built-in USB plug, IP67 water-proof and food-safety class packaging, lightweight and compact dimensions fits into boxes and containers where space 

is limited. TUV EN12830 compliant, each G1 single use temperature data logger is tested and inspected to the most stringent QS standards to provide the 

premium quality and stability in functioning, they are the most convenient and efficient temperature loggers in industry, factory pre-programming saves the time 

for configuration before shipment, and it will generate encrypted PDF report on arrival, no software is required for downloading data.


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Jinshui Rd, free trade zone, zhengzhou,450046, Henan, PR china.

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