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Hydraulic Breaker Parts

    Established in 2004 Yantai Baicai Machinery Co.,Ltd have nearly 15 years of hydraulic breakers manufacture experience and are the China leading hydraulic breaker parts specialists,providing market leading equipment and professional advice for the construction, demolition and recycling industries.If you need hydraulic breaker parts welcome to contact us.

The description of hydraulic breakers

    Hydraulic breakers are referred to as “hammers” or “crushers”. The power source of hydraulic breakers is the pressure provided by excavators, loaders or pumping stations. It can crush stones and rocks more effectively during construction. Work efficiency. The principle of selecting a hydraulic breaker is to select the most suitable hydraulic breaker according to the type of excavator and the environment of the operation. 

    Features of hydraulic breakers 

    There are many types of hydraulic breakers, and there are many classification methods. According to the operation mode: hydraulic breakers are divided into two types: hand-held and airborne; classified according to working principle: hydraulic breakers are divided into three types: full hydraulic, liquid-gas combined and nitrogen explosion. The liquid-gas combination relies on hydraulic oil and rear-compressed nitrogen to expand and simultaneously push the piston. At present, most of the crushers belong to this type of product; according to the classification of the valve structure: the hydraulic breaker is divided into two types: the internal valve type and the external valve type. 

How to use hydraulic breakers ?

    Proper operation increases the efficiency of the breaker and extends the life of the breaker.

    The operating precautions have the following points:

    (1) Before each use, first check the high and low pressure oil pipes of the breaker for oil leakage and looseness. Also, you should always check for oil leaks in other places to avoid the oil pipe falling off due to vibration, and malfunction.

    (2) When the breaker is in operation, the drill rod should always be perpendicular to the surface of the stone, and the drill rod should be compacted. After the crushing, the crushing should be stopped immediately to prevent the air from being hit. If the unintentional impact is sustained, the precursor of the breaker will be damaged and the main body bolt will be loosened, which can damage the main body itself.

    (3) Do not shake the drill rod when performing the crushing operation, otherwise the bolt and the drill rod may break.

    (4) It is strictly forbidden to work in the water or mud. Except for the drill rod, the front of the breaker before the breaker can not be filled in water or mud.

    (5) When the broken material is a large hard object (stone), please choose to crush from the edge, no matter how big and hard the stone is selected, it is usually more feasible to start from the edge, and the same fixed point. Continuous blow for more than a minute without failing. Please change the selected point of the strike and try again.

The advantage of our hydraulic breaker


    The vibration and noise emitted by the PTEROSAUR breaker is much lower than other similar equipment on the market, providing operators with a better and healthier working environment. The drill-type hydraulic breaker produces splashing material and debris (flaking) during operation. The energy of these sprinklers is extremely harmful, killing people and damaging other equipment. Since the PTEROSAUR breakers work differently, there is almost no splashing material. According to the risk assessment, the safety range of the Fuktron breaker is 15 meters, while the safety range for other equipment working at the same time is 0 meters.

    Low loss

    The technology we use minimizes vibration levels and hydraulic shock effects. The effect is to reduce the wear and tear of the excavator, which in turn reduces maintenance costs and extends service life. After using PTEROSAUR equipment, some of our customers' excavators have been used for more than 20.000 hours.

    Cost effectiveness

    Low loss guarantees that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. In addition, our breakers have more complete functions than traditional crushing equipment on the market. So you don't have to invest in buying bulky, expensive secondary crushing equipment, saving you time and money.

    High productivity and strong crushing force

    Our impact breakers can be carried directly to the job site, ie to the material to be crushed. You do not need to invest in a secondary reversing device.

     High productivity and productivity

    The PTEROSAUR breaker is characterized by high precision and high frequency, which makes the material crushing and processing more rapid and efficient.

    Feel free to contact us for more information on impact crushers.

Maintenance :

    Since the breaker is used in dynamics, any moving joints are easily damaged. As long as they are used and operated correctly, they can be avoided. Correct use is as follows: 

    1.Read the operating manual of the hydraulic breaker to prevent damage to the hydraulic breaker and the loader. And operate them effectively.

    2. Check the bolts and connectors for looseness and leaks in the hydraulic lines before operation. 

    3. Do not use a hydraulic breaker to burrow holes on hard rock. 

    4. Do not operate the breaker under full or full contraction of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder. 

    5. When the hydraulic hose is subjected to severe vibration, stop the operation of the breaker and check the pressure of the accumulator. 

    6. Prevent interference between the boom of the digging machine and the drill bit of the breaker. 

    7. Do not immerse the breaker in water except for the drill rod. 

    8. Do not use the breaker as a lifting device. 

    9. Do not operate the breaker on the tire side of the digging machine. 

    10. When the hydraulic breaker is installed and connected with the backhoe loader or other engineering construction machinery, the working pressure and flow rate of the main hydraulic system must meet the technical parameters of the hydraulic breaker. The “P” port of the hydraulic breaker and the high pressure oil circuit of the main engine Connect, the “0” port is connected to the main engine return line.

Upgrading product quality by taking the newest technology in the world.

Internal Valve Type (YLB450~YLB1750)

Advantage of Soosan hydraulic breaker

External Valve Type (YLB20G,YLB30G,YLB40G,YLB1800~YLB2100)

Advantage of furukawa hydraulic breaker

Certificate of Baicai Machinery

    All hydraulic breakers are conforming to production standards. We assure you the high quality.

Yantai Baicai Machinery Co., Ltd. registerred "Pterosaur" Brand in Chinese government in 2012.

Yantai Baicai Machinery Co., Ltd. got ISO9001 approval in 2016.

Yantai Baicai Machinery Co., Ltd approved the factory inspection by TUV Organization in 2017

"Pterosaur hydraulic breaker" got CE certification in 2017.

Every breaker will be test before it leave the factory.We can guarantee that all clients get the high quality breakers.


    Yantai Baicai Machinery Co.,Ltd. Was established in 2004.We are a professional manufacturer for producing hydraulic breakers.Now our factory mainly produces Soosan system hydraulic breakers, Furukawa system hydraulic breakers and spare parts in China.We supply kinds of Cylinder Ass’y to home and abroad.

    We have been specialized in R&D Heavy-duty hydraulic breakers.We already successfully developed 210mm and 230mm dia. Chisel heavy duty breakers in 2012. We also do OEM for famous brands hydraulic breakers for Korea,USA and Italy.

    We are focus on quality and service. We choose material strictly,we learn advance technology from Korea every 3 month also we build a professional after-sale service team. Customers’ satisfaction is always our first priority.

    We relied on the good quality control system and got the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.Against the top quality and good reputations, we has attracted domestic and international engineering construction machinery customers to visit factory and negotiate cooperation.

    We are in confidence that ,together with customers,we can always create better future.

    Sincerely welcome.

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    We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service built on years of industry experience and product knowledge. Our specialist delivery and installation team operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week nationwide. Hydraulic breaker parts are hot sale in many countries,if you are interested in hydraulic breaker parts welcome to send us inquiry. 

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