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Artificial grass golf putting green is divided into injection molding artificial turf and woven artificial grass golf putting green according to the production process. Artificial grass golf putting green is very popular now and is very suitable for the public. Welcome to inquire.

The characteristics of artificial grass golf putting green:

The artificial grass golf putting green is strong and wear-resistant, can be used all day, and has a good athlete protection function. It can effectively avoid joint damage, skin burns or abrasions that athletes may encounter during exercise, and ensure the normal rolling and running speed of football.

The artificial grass golf putting green consists of three layers of material. The foundation layer consists of a compacted soil layer, a gravel layer and an asphalt or concrete layer. The foundation layer is required to be solid, non-deformable, and the surface is smooth and impervious to water, which is a general concrete site. Due to the large area of the hockey field, the foundation layer must be handled during construction to prevent subsidence. If the concrete layer is laid, the expansion joint is cut after the concrete is solidified to prevent thermal expansion deformation and cracks.

In foreign countries, there are two kinds of turf layers: 1. The turf layer is relatively thin, only 1.2~1.5mm; 2. The turf fiber is thicker, 20~24mm, and it is filled with quartz to almost the top of the fiber.

Artificial grass golf putting green can be used in running fields, football fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, hockey fields, gates, golf courses, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, softball fields and other sports venues. It can also be applied to the comprehensive event venues in the square, the venue and the schools, kindergartens and kindergartens.

Artificial turf has the advantages of bright appearance, green and vivid seasons, good drainage performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.

Advantage of artificial grass golf putting green:

1. Choose the style you want

One of the advantages of a home putting green in your home is you have the option to choose from a variety of styles. Modern artificial putting green can be of light green to a darker shade of green. They are soft and smooth to touch and act as a great place for children and pets to play.

2. Chemical free

One of the advantages of this material in your home is that there is no need for you to apply harmful chemicals in order for the grass to be lush. Real grass is prone to insect infestation. We all know the harmful effects of chemicals in our environment. Fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides are all poisons, and they are harmful when used in the backyard. If you install an artificial home putting green in your backyard, you free your family from the harmful effects of these chemicals.

3. Enhance the value of your home

If you have installed putting green at your home, you can use this feature to bump the price of your house up when it comes time to sell it. Your home can become a better investment.

4. Low Maintenance

Adding a synthetic grass putting green to your backyard cuts down on the amount of maintenance you have to do to keep your backyard looking great. We all know that real grass is not cheap to maintain. You have to water the grass at least once a day, or even twice a day during hot, summer months. If you decide to install an artificial turf, you’d free yourself from the high cost of your monthly water bill. Besides that, there’s no need for you to employ a caretaker to maintain your lawn.

5. Improve your golfing skills

With a putting green at your home, you can devote a small amount of time practising golf every day and learning the strokes which will make you a better player.

6. Durability

One of the advantages of home putting green in your home is it is not weather dependent. It can be installed in temperate and tropical countries. It is durable during summer months, winter months, and during rainy season.

It is wise to invest in an artificial putting green. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It would make your life so much easier. Time, cost, durability, and safety form chemicals are some of the benefits of a home putting green in your home.

Artificial grass golf putting green description:

Artificial grass golf putting green is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for sports that were originally or are normally played on grass. However, it is now being used on residential lawns and commercial applications as well. The main reason is maintenance—artificial turf stands up to heavy use, such as in sports, and requires no irrigation or trimming. Domed, covered, and partially covered stadiums may require artificial turf because of the difficulty of getting grass enough sunlight to stay healthy. Artificial grass golf putting green does have its downside, however: limited life, periodic cleaning requirements, petroleum use, toxic chemicals from infill, and heightened health and safety concerns.

Artificial grass golf putting green first gained substantial attention in the 1960s, when it was used in the newly constructed Astrodome. The specific product used was developed by Monsanto and called AstroTurf; this term since then became a generic trademark for any artificial turf throughout the late 20th century. AstroTurf remains a registered trademark but is no longer owned by Monsanto. The first generation turf systems (i.e., short-pile fibers without infill) of the 1960s have been largely replaced by the second generation and third generation turf systems. Second generation synthetic turf systems feature longer fibers and sand infills, and third generation systems, which are most widely used today, offer infills that are mixtures of sand and granules of recycled rubber.

Precautions for the use of artificial grass golf putting green:

The artificial grass golf putting green sports field is only used for physical education classes and athlete training competitions. It must not be used for other purposes. Professional sports shoes must be worn inside the venue.

It is forbidden to bring cigarette butts, fire, sugar, organic solvents and chemicals into the market.

It is forbidden to wear 7mm long spikes to run on the lawn;

It is forbidden to drive any motor vehicle on the lawn;

It is forbidden to press heavy objects on the lawn for a long time;

It is forbidden to deliberately pick up the boundary of the artificial grass golf putting green;

Shots, javelins, discus or other high-falling movements are prohibited on the lawn.

Maintenance of artificial grass golf putting green:

1. prohibition of smoking and fireworks and firecrackers

2. strictly forbidden to carry food pure water

3. prohibit the introduction of oily and corrosive liquids into the field.

4. prohibit the nail above 9mm

5. prohibit heavy equipment or unnecessary traffic entering the site.

6. it is strictly forbidden to press the weight of the weight on the lawn for a long time

7. strictly prohibit using hard tools to puncture, strike and cut lawns.

8. do not deliberately reverse the bottom and the destructive pull yarn sewing interface, etc.

9. when rainfall is less, use artificial watering to clean up the dirt on the lawn.

10. control the frequency of the site properly so that there will be enough time for the filling material to be leveled (using special equipment).

11. insist on cleaning once a month and clean up the rubbish in time.

12. as far as possible to avoid site cleaning at high temperature

13. check whether there is any loosening of the suture, damage to the bottom oil, tear, burning and so on.

14. due to the loss of filling materials caused by rain scour, cleaning and intense sports, it should be replenish in time.

The packing must be rolled on the cardboard core tightly and neatly.

In this way ,The grass rolls can keep good shape during the transportation,will not be wrinkled or damaged

Company information:

Our team has 10 years experience in this industry and our products. and our products were expected to more than 20 countries in the world. The misson of our tearm is to be a professional solution provider with a systematically resources and related know-how which comes from our long-team practice.

Clients always correct, quality and fame is more important than just getting profit alt of our work is aim for long term win win cooperation with cllent not just sell and buy relationship.

In order to make sure every inch of our products is qualified and manufactured according to customers' requests, we have more than ten inspections at different stages from raw materials, half-done products to the finished products.

·1.Durable and drainableKnitted backing with Flow-thought technology drains instantly.

·2.Got Dogs? Got Kids?Dogs love to romp and roll on PANDA GRASS. Kids love it, too. No more scrapped knees. No more torn or stained blue jeans, just because they’re rolling around on the grass. 

·3.Environmentally Friendly and PracticalPANDA GRASS is an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass: 

No weed killers required, because you simply don’t have any weeds. 

No aggravating and potentially dangerous allergens that are normally hosted by weeds and, for some sufferers, occur in some natural grasses. 

No watering needed. PANDA GRASS will curb water your water consumption regardless of your local weather conditions. It helps preserve a precious commodity… and lowers your water bill. 

·4.How do I keep PANDA Synthetic Grass clean?You can treat PANDA Synthetic Grass like regular grass. You can use a rake or blower to clean up leaves. To remove animal feces, you just scoop it up and wash the area with a garden hose. 

·5.Will PANDA Synthetic Grass fade?NO. PANDA Grass is fade resistant!

·6.Is PANDA Synthetic Grass safe?Absolutely!  100% safe for both you and the environment. We take pride in making the safest and most durable synthetic grass in the world. 

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