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Our company has been engaged in artificial turf for many years. It is very professional for artificial grass carpet sri lanka. Our artificial grass carpet sri lanka is easy to maintain, the cost is very low, the maintenance cost is low, the dirt can be removed by rinsing with water, and it has no fading. , no deformation characteristics.

The characteristics of artificial grass carpet sri lanka:

The artificial grass carpet sri lanka has good UV stability and is guaranteed to adapt to all kinds of weather around the world. Compared to artificial grass carpet sri lanka, traditional natural turf is at a great disadvantage in this respect. Natural turf is easily affected by a series of factors such as the external environment and temperature.

The artificial grass carpet sri lanka has the characteristics of wear resistance and long service life, and is especially suitable for high frequency use. natural.

Artificial grass carpet sri lanka was born in the United States in the 1960s. It is artificial grass carpet sri lanka made from non-living plastic chemical fiber products. It does not need to consume the necessary fertilizers, water and other resources like natural lawns. It can meet the high-intensity exercise needs 24 hours a day, and it is simple to maintain, drains quickly, and the site.

The Advantages of artificial grass carpet sri lanka:

1.Artificial grass carpet sri lanka, once installed requires little in the way of maintenance – no watering or mowing is required.

2. You save on the cost of water and buying and operating a lawn mower.

3. No expensive fertilizers and weed killers need be bought.

4. Because you do not need to use chemicals to grow or protect the grass, you are not adding to pollution levels and affecting the environment on an ongoing basis.

5. You will not have to spend time pulling out weeds.

6. Artificial grass carpet sri lanka is long lasting and you will not have to incur the expense or hassles of period replanting

that natural grass will require.

7.Artificial grass carpet sri lanka offers excellent drainage so after rain or the use of water to wash it, the grass it will dry quickly.

8. The good drainage also means that you don’t have to worry about puddles of water collecting and lasting for days andthen leaving patches of mud for the unwary to step in.

9. Play sports on the lawn will not damage the grass.

10. Artificial grass carpet sri lanka always looks perfectly manicured so you will never be embarrassed by an unkempt lawn.

Artificial grass carpet sri lanka description:

The fibers that make up the blades of "grass" are made of nylon or polypropylene and can be manufactured in different ways. The nylon blades can be produced in thin sheets that are cut into strips or extruded through molds to produce fibers with a round or oval cross-section. The extruded product results in blades that feel and act more like biological grass.

Cushioning systems are made from rubber compounds or from polyester foam. Rubber tires are sometimes used in the composition of the rubber base, and some of the materials used in backing can come from plastic or rubber recycling programs. The thread used to sew the pads together and also the top fabric panels has to meet the same criteria of strength, color retention, and durability as the rest of the system. Care and experience must also be applied to the selection of the adhesives used to bond all the components together.

Artificial grass carpet sri lanka construction precautions:

1. It is forbidden to wear 5mm long or more than 5mm spikes to exercise vigorously on the lawn (including high heels).

2. It is forbidden to drive any motor vehicle on the lawn.

3. It is forbidden to press heavy objects on the lawn for a long time.

4. No shots, javelins, discus or other high-falling movements are allowed on the lawn.

5. It is strictly forbidden to pollute the lawn with various oil pollution.

6. It is forbidden to step on the road in case of snow, and the surface should be cleaned before use.

7. It is strictly forbidden to throw gum and all the sundries on the lawn.

8. All fireworks are strictly prohibited.

9. It is forbidden to use corrosive solvents on the lawn.

10. It is strictly forbidden to bring sugary drinks into the market.

11. It is strictly forbidden to destructively tear the lawn fiber.

12. It is strictly forbidden to damage the lawn base.

13. The sports lawn should keep the filled quartz sand flat and ensure the ball's movement track or bounce track.

Maintenance of artificial grass carpet sri lanka:

1, keep the adjacent areas free of garbage, debris, mud, dirt and oil spills.

2, erection of "no smoking in the field" and "no food carrying" is strictly prohibited.

3. Repair small injuries in time.

4, do not park vehicles on artificial lawns, especially on high temperatures, or park vehicles on wet grasslands for a long time.

5. If the grass is used for over weight, the site should be specially arranged with plywood and fiber to protect the turf.

6. Keep the maintenance and cleaning procedures.

7. Keep the site clean and clean the site when necessary.

8. Make sure that there are enough trash bins for the use of sports personnel.

9, control the frequency of the use of artificial grass carpet sri lanka.


Packing Details: packed in rolls with PVC bag wrapped or as required

Port: Qingdao

Lead Time: 15-20days


First of all, the artificial turf has overcome several primary difficulties of natural grass: First, the true grass can not grow normally under extreme climatic conditions, the survival rate of natural grass is very unsatisfactory; Second, some countries and regions cannot pay high amounts due to economic reasons. The cost of real grass maintenance; Third, natural grass can not be cultivated in some covered sports venues.

Artificial grass carpet sri lanka has very obvious advantages over natural turf:

1. What is the MOQ of Artificial grass?

 MOQ is 100 square meters according to the specification of the Artificial Grass

2.What is the delivery time?

The estimated delivey time will be approximately 10- 15 business days from the time of order.

3. what is the payment term?

The payment term is 30 % in advance, 70% balance paid after receiving the copy of B/L.

4.what is the usage of the Artificial Grass?

Landscaping area like Garden/Kindergarten/Wedding/Leisure/Balcony/Swimming pool /Home/Roof/Deck setc.

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