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At present, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Automobile Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: import automobile business, automobile export business, logistics business. MAXUS pickup trucks is an important part of the automobile market. MAXUS pickup trucks is a type of car that uses a car front and cab with open freight cars.

The Characteristics Of Dongfeng MAXUS Pickup Trucks Are New

We always care about what kind of trucks our customers need. Our customers hope that everything on MAXUS pickup trucks is what we want. With that in mind, we will never stop upgrading the luxury pickup truck to make it more content with work and entertainment, and of high quality. Observe and feel it, rich new things are always here for you to experience the wonderful things in life.

The Classification Of MAXUS Pickup Trucks

In view of the structural characteristics of MAXUS pickup trucks and taking into account the above classification basis, MAXUS pickup trucks shall be classified as the corresponding tax code according to the following principles:

The single row MAXUS pickup trucks is classified as the 8704 item because of its obvious cargo characteristics.

- Double-row seat MAXUS pickup trucks, both manned and loaded two purposes, should be used to determine the load and passenger weight of the number of main purposes, carrying passenger weight over the load, classified as 8703, carrying passenger weight does not exceed the load, classified as 8704.

The Market Of MAXUS Pickup Trucks

With the further development of private economy in China's urban and rural areas, the logistics industry in domestic small and medium-sized cities is accelerating. As an alternative to agricultural vehicles, minibuses and minitrucks, the demand for MAXUS pickup trucks is increasing day by day. "Passenger and cargo compatible" MAXUS pickup trucks products in the second and third line of small and medium-sized cities and wealthier rural areas have been increasingly recognized.

The Market Of MAXUS Pickup Trucks

1.With professional team and abundant vehicle import & export trade experience, Zhengzhou Dongfeng covers comprehensive business such as car import business, car export business, logistics business etc..

2.Zhengzhou Dongfeng’s products for export are provided by Nissan, which is of high quality and enjoys complete after-sale 5.Zhengzhou Dongfeng has such abundant resources as high-quality logistics personnel, customs broker and stable partners in overseas transportation.

The Benefits Of buying MAXUS Pickup Trucks

The benefits of MAXUS pickup trucks are undoubtedly large space, high chassis, strong cargo carrying capacity, cross-country performance, cool and bullying to drive, as a small boss with practical needs, that is just right.

The good news is that many cities have abolished the MAXUS pickup trucks ban, and the door spray and reflective stripes are not needed. If your city has not yet released the policy, it can turn MAXUS pickup trucks into SUV.

High Quality MAXUS Pickup Trucks, Always Champion.

The rich have participated in many different gatherings at different levels. Fuxin never lets you down. Rich quality and competitive performance, rich achievements at every rally.

2006, the great Dakar rally.

2008, enrich and complete the rally across the East and create a "pick up legend".

2013 and 2014, the richest ranked first in the Taklimakan rally and CGR. There are many big moments behind, and there will be more! Because rich always move forward!

Company Introduction

China Dongfeng import and export was established in May 1983, China's auto industry is the first approved by the state established a foreign trade company. The company is headquartered in Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, to a wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries.

Zhengzhou Dongfeng Automobile Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd., MAXUS pickup trucks comfort is very good, can be compared with other cars, but also greater than the load of the car, to adapt to bad road conditions. If you want to know MAXUS pickup trucks's friends, please feel free to contact us.

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