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About P.P spray (Potassium Permanganate Spray) process

P.P spray---it is usually called chemical wash process in garment industry.

P.P is the abbreviation of Potassium Permanganate, we spray this chemical on the garment specific area and it reacts with the garment color and bleaches it, then we can get a white look and bright effect on the spray area after neutralized.

P.P sprays concentrations ranges will be difference according to required results and fabric types. Usually indigo fabrics are treated with low concentrations whereas black sulfur fabric requires high concentrations to treat with. 

Working principle of Automatic P.P Spray Cabinet/booth/robot /machine

Since P.P is a toxic chemical which may harmful to workers, more and more workers are unwilling to do this spraying process manually. So this PP spray cabinet was been designed in time to protect worker’s health and their workplace, also improved work efficiency naturally,


This machine is designed to be a specific separate sealed spray booth, where four rubble dummies are installed for holding garments. In this cabinet, each garment will go through 3 processes  including garment putting and waiting, PP brushing and drying after PP spraying then finished finally.  


Say, In the putting and waiting area, garments are worn on the dummies and air is filled so the garment is full fit exposed. Under the operating of software system, PP will be sprayed on specific area on garments with the help of PP gun by air pressure. Garments on dummy will transfer to the next position for drying after brushing automatically. The booth is fitted with air exhaust system and dust collection system, it can remove the dust or PP smell from cabinet to keep the workplace is clean.


This four position monkey spray machine only needs ONE worker to operate because it’s controlled by parameters automatically, the worker load jeans to fixed position from the back side, and the machine spray and dry it cycle then take off from it. spray evenly and efficiently.

Main features of Automatic P.P Spraying Cabinet/booth/robot /machine

1. High productivity ---360pants/ day(2 shifts, including waiting )

2. High quality and Zero mistake for the whole spraying processing.

3. 100% safety for workers and environmental for the workplace.

4. Non-stop production with 4 dummy carousel system sustainable production standard.

5. Multifunction in one machine including monkey wash(PP spraying), sand blasting, hand rubbing, engraving and other processes.

6. Windows interface and graphical operation screen reduce the operator’s misoperation, easy to learn and almost save the training time for workers.

7.The demonstration points can be edited conveniently so the operation processes are visualized. Operating parameters can be preset and save the operation time.

8. High-strength aluminum alloy improve motion flexibility and reduce energy consumption and greatly save the cost. 

9. The operating parts are anodized and sprayed, and the working chamber is clear and sealed, which can extend the equipment lifetime and visualized operation feeling. 

10. Dust collection and air purification system can reduce the production pollution to the workplace.

11. The system can monitor the status in real time, predict the possible problems in advance and remind the operator to keep away. 

12. Intelligent diagnosis and graphical fault diagnosis screen can carry out troubleshooting easily and simply. 

Automatic PP spraying machine/robot/booth detail images

>>>>>>>Coordinate type with pneumatic spraying guns for PP brushing on can moving under the programe  according to the specific area and exactly effect needed. 

>>>>>> Four rubber dummy for pants are installed for holding garments. in this cabinet, each garments will go through 3 processes including garments putting and waiting and drying. worker give intruction according to the process progress. 

>>>>>> Touch screen for operating,easy to operate. 

Main technology of PP spraying machine/cabinet/robot/booth




Number of shafts

6 shafts

Number of station



Bearing capacity



Driving mode

AC servo motor

Operation scope


X shaft    (vertical shaft)



Y shaft  (   horizontal shaft)



Z shaft    (telescopic  shaft)



U1 shaft    (swinging shaft of actuator)



U2 shaft (rotating shaft of actuator)



U3 shaft (rotating shaft of model)



Positional accuracy



Consumed power



Installation condition

Ambient temperature: -10°C~ 45°C  Ambient humidity: 85% RH or above

About QuanYu Machinery Company 

Henan QuanYu Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in textile and apparel machinery. Factory and head office  is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. We have abundant R & D ability, advanced machinery manufacturing, strict quality control system and perfect after-sale service system.

We takes energy conservation & environmental protection, high quality & high efficient as the principle, aims to solve customer's a series of difficult problem. Such as labor shortage, low efficiency, low yield high cost and so on. Design and produce high efficiency machinery for garments factories. 

On the basis of the introduction of technology, our R & D department can do a good job in absorbing and digesting and innovating various advanced technologies, realizing the two development through technological transformation, and making great efforts to form our own technology. We take  about 3% of total sales reenue on R & D and had 8 patent certificates already.

Quality control system covers raw material to final products inspection. All QC staff must trained and qalified, responsibilty and deision of labor shall be set clear. Raw material adopt irregular sampling based on different batch and different material, and all finished products must arrange commissioning before leaving factory. There is clear mark and inspection report for raw material and final product, QC worker will undertake the responsiblity if there is unqualified products.

We offer 7*24 hours after-sale service,provide operation instruction video, easy to learn and operation.offer some parts and match mould together with machineery for free.Full after sale service process including confirm the cause of problem and define the responsibility, arrange engineer follow it and provide solution, guide through telephe/video, on site maintenance if necessary. and make a report and save as after sale service result. 

The main products we produce include denim jeans grinding machine, Jeans PP spraying machine,automatic button attaching machine series, automatic pearl setting machine series, garments sewing machine series including pocket setter, double-needle loop sewing machine, front fly sewing machine,ironing machine and etc. 

High quality and reasonable price products, being on service for you at any time!

Our advantages you may care as below:

1. Stable raw material supply system

   Stability of raw material supply channels grarantee stable quality without big price swings. Raw material purchasing standard and inspection standard has been set in advance and carried out very well. Qualified raw material ensure the following process for all the products. 

2.  Perfect production Management System

  Workers>>All the workers at the production site must be trained and qualified.Worker's attitude, skills level may                                 influence the products quality and production schedule.

   Production processing equipments>>Confirm the production processing equipment runs normally because these may effect products quality and production schedule directly.

   Materials>> Rationality of raw materials, semi-finished products and accessories. No short and No waste.ensure the                         coordination between each process in time and qualified. 

   Production management rules >>Carry out the production rule 100% and ensure the production schedule and products quality.

   Workplace >>Keep the workplace clean and well-aligned to ensure the product quality and healthy of all workers.

3. Strict quality control system 

   All QC staff must trained and qualified, responsibility and devision of labor shall be set clear. Raw material adopt irregular sampling basd on different batch and different material. and final products must arrange comissioning before leaving factory.QC as a third dept, it's dependent of the purchase dept and production dept.

4. Suitable final product packing system 

  All export products shall damp-proof packing first and non-fumigation wooden box for external packing.shipping mark on wooden box and middle man can sell to final customer directly, and packing list in english will be provide accordingly. 

5. Independent R & D system 

 We take about 3% of total sales revenue on R & D and got about 8 patent certificates. On the basis of the introduction of technology, we can do a good job in absorbing and digesting and innovating various advanced technologies, realizing the two development through technological transformation, and making great efforts to form our own technology.

6. After-sale service system 

We offer full sale service process. ① Confirm the cause of problem and define the responsibility.  ② Arrange engineer follow it and provide solution. ③ Guide through telephne/video, on-site maintenance if necessary. ④ Make a report and save as after-sale service result. ⑤ Regular visiting through telephone or email.


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