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Satin etched glass powder with the acid or water as medium, can be used on most glass objects as you imagine, such as glass door, glass window, glass screen, glass bottles, glass art crafts. You can get satin effect with sSatin etched glass powder, it is the easiest way to decorate your house and protect your privacy.


The Satin etched glass powder can be widely used as countertop, flat glass, glass bottles, glass partition, glass screen, sliding door, glass decoration, lighting glass, glass containers, etc.




Add 3kg of cold water to 10kg of satin glass etched powder, mix them well in the plastic container, add industrial sulphuric acid (>90%) to the solution to adjust the PH value to 2.0-1.0 (test with the precision paper test (0.5-5.0), and fully mix it again before use.


Production process


Clean glass product→ immerse in the frost liquid (about 1-3 minute) → remove →wash with clean water→ wash with liquid cleanser→ rinse → dry.




1. The frost liquid must be prepared in the plastic or embalmed metal containers.

2. When you use Satin etched glass powder, you should wear rubber gloves to avoid skin burns. If your skin accidentally contacts the liquid, please timely wash it away.

3. The surface of the glass product must be cleaned up to remove any filths.

4. The amount of sulfuric acid added should be tailored to the different glass materials, and water should be added before sulfuric acid.

5. The frost liquid should be mixed well before use and kept with closed lids after use.

6. After the frost liquid is used for a period of time, Satin etched glass powder and hydrochloric acid should be timely added.

7. If the first frosting is uneven, the second frosting can be made after laundry.

8. Don’t let the frost liquid flow into the glass container. Once it flows into it, please wash it away with clean water.

9. While discharging wastewater, quicklime should be added for neutralization.




       The Satin etched glass powder should be kept in dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.


     Satin etched glass effect show

       Here are some pictures of Satin etched glass powder on items.

Company Profile


Founded in 1995, the headquarter of Dengfeng City Yuke Glass Technology Co., LTD. Is located in Zhengzhou, Henan,China. It is a High-Tech enterprise mainly in reaserch, production and sales of YK glass frosting powder, automatic etching machine and AG glass.

In the passed 20 years developing history, Yuke won the honor of “Zhengzhou Glass Screen Engineering Technology R&D Center”, “ Innovative Pilot Enterprise in Henan  Province”, obstained SME Technology Innovation Fund from China Ministry of Screen & Technology in 2014.

With the independent research ability, Yuke own its R&D center. Yuke provided tailored service for world famous enterprises, such as Corning fromUnited  States, Schott fromGermany, Changyu, Wuliangye, Guijingong inChina. Yuke has already become the leading supplier of etching technology solution inChina.

Nowadays, with the globalised view, open thinking and innovative spirit, insisting in the strategy of “beanding, customizing and globalizing”, grounded on self-independent & innovation, effort on stronger and better, YUKE is striding forward to its aim—Global cause & Center Yuke.

Cooperative Partner

During the years, we have cooperated with many countries, such as the India, Chile, Guinea etc. Our company almost trade with all continents. All of them depend on the automatic frosting line to produce the production, our satin etched glass powder has high quality and our company has the best service.


We use bags of packing the the satin etched glass powder, no worry about the shipping demadge.

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