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Shandong Kerui Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of Driver gloves, Today we mainly introduce the Driver gloves. If you are interested in Driver gloves, you are welcome to send us enquiries.

Description of Driver gloves

Soft grade AB sheepskin driver gloves

Sheep leather gloves

Welding gloves

Material: grade AB sheep gloves

Color: white

Length: 9"

Sheep leather Gloves

Class AB sheep leather

Safety Cuff

Driver gloves is applicable to:

Ø TIG welding

Ø General material handling

Characteristics of Driver gloves:


Safety Cuff

Premium quality sheep leather for comfort and dexterity

Reinforced palm and fingers

Excellent suture

Size range of Driver gloves:


One size

Item number


Length (+/- 5 mm)


Case Configuration

12 pairs x 10 = 120 pairs per case

Storage & Handling:

Store in original packaging at room temperature under roof away from direct sunlight and moisture. Wash in cool or warm water and hang to dry.

Special Notes:

Although reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this document, no warranties are extended and no liability is assumed. The information is solely provided as a general guideline for product use and care. It is up to end-users to make their own determination as to the suitability of the product for their own intended purpose(s).

Company introduction

Shandong Kerui Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd is located in the hinterland of Shengli oilfield , is a comprehensive industrial group integrating high-end petroleum equipment research, development and manufacture, integrated oilfield engineering technological service, and oilfield EPC solution, based on higher quality resource integration & innovation service.

KERUI is the largest manufacturer and service provider of oil and gas equipments in China, has more than 8000 employees and 2.4 million square meters of high-end petroleum equipment industrial park , has established 16 R&D centers in  headquarter, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Houston, Calgary,etc.  KERUI has branches, offices and parts warehouses in 57 countries and regions worldwide,  whose business covers more than 80 countries.

KANG SHIELD 74-622 driver gloves

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Shandong Kerui Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd now supplies driver gloves in large quantities. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to inquire.


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