OIL -Sand Effect Glass Frosting Powder , etched glass Etching countertop

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Glass Frosting Powder Feature


Taking HCL or water as the media, it is fit for thr etching proccessing of float glass product to get the oil-sand effect frosted glass, one processing only. The grain on frosted glass surface is relatively bigger, twinking in light like diamonds, much easier to feeel it when touch; It is easy to be cleaned.

The Application of the Glass Frosting Powder


Those glass product widely used as the countertop, glass partition, sliding door, as well as the container glass decoration.

Product Stability


1.Good solubility,Dissolution time is short.


2.Good suspension,It not easy to precipitate.


3.Little affected by temperature,As long as the water does not freeze, ten degrees below zero is 

frosting  processing can be performed.


The cost : take 50ml100ml500ml common white wine bottle and Flat glass as example


                                Cost = The price of per bag        


Why Choose Yuke? 


1.The frosting equipment designed according to the customers' products size and daily output .


2.Share the latest marketing information with costumers.


3.Provide the free technology instruction.


4.We can help our customers seizing the market by the new frosted effect.


5.Technical exchanges will be hold once a year.


6.We can provide the customized development service.

Company Information


Henan Yuke Glass Technology Co.,LTD is a High-Tech enterprise mainly engaged in research, production and sales of YK glass frosting powder, automatic etching machine and AG glass. Yuke provided tailored service for world famous enterprises, such as Corning from United States, Schott from Germany,Changyu, Wuliangye, Gujinggong in China.Yuke has already become the leading supplier of etching technology solution in China.

Room601,Houhai Apartment,Dihu garden,Hanghai West Road,Zhengzhou,China,







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