Low Price Air winch for oilfield

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Low Price Air winch for oilfield

keywords:Low Price Air winch for oilfield

Air winch for oilfield



 Working Principle:


JQHS-80x20 Air Winches are a kind of manual operated single drum type air winch. Its adopt compressed air as its power to drive air motor to drive air motor, driving drum via two grades gears ( to reduce transmitting speed and enlarge torque) so as to lift and drag heavy cargo. Considering security, these winches are equipped with hand brake, foot brake, air friction plate brake or air cylinder brake. These winches are widely used for drilling, marines, minings, engineering sites, etc to pull heavy cargo.





This winch is widely used for drilling, marines, minings, engineering sites, etc to pull heavy cargo.




1. Equipped with cylinder air brake , which enables the winch automatically in brake when stops.

2. Variable speed control, flexible to perform clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.

3. Compact in size, light weight, portable to move and easy to install.

4. High practicability with anti-explosive function, especially stable and reliable in inflammable,explosive,wet,damp,and other extremely working environments.

5. High starting torque ensures it starting with load and performing hoisting, lowering and stopping actions easily.

6. Reliable operation with little noise with muffler.

7. Low maintenance relieves your anxiety and assures you to use it freely.

8. Especially fit for hauling and lifting drilling pipes on the second platform of oilfields.

9. This is a kind of Air winches are available from 0.5ton to 10 ton capacities. Pull Force can be tailor-made to your requirements.


Technical Data:


 Model No.JQHS-80X20
1Pressure of compressed air (Mpa)0.6-0.8     
2Max. traction force (kN)80
3Wire rope velocity (m/min)20
4Pneumatic motor            Rated Power(kw)30
Piston stroke(mm)       110
Cylinder number(pcs)5
    5     DrumDiameter(mm)300
Wheel rim diameter(mm)660
6Rope content (m)200
7Wire rope diameter(mm)24
8Outer DimensionLength(mm)1638
Width (mm)960

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