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Taian Liyuan industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of High-end custom T shirts. Today we mainly introduce the High-end custom T shirts. If you have any need for High-end custom T shirts, you are welcome to send us enquiries.

High-end custom T shirts

Chinese name : T-shirt

Name of foreign language : T-shirt

Alias : T sweater

Common fabric : Polyester cotton, 100% cotton, mercerized cotton, etc.

Characteristic : Convenient and comfortable, cheap and beautiful

Application scope : Men and women everywhere in the world

Colour : You can send us color samples or just tell us the color of PANTONE, and then we can make color samples for confirmation.

Size  : We can do it according to the size measurement

Other : Main labels, hand cards, scrubbing and content details, please provide dimensioning, please provide us with content.

Common fabric of high end custom T - shirts :

Pure cotton This is a more commonly used T-shirt fabric, cost-effective, although unlike other high-grade T-shirt fabrics, through special processing, but 100% pure cotton, still maintain the superior natural properties of pure cotton, good skin affinity, good air permeability, good hygroscopicity. If there is not much budget and want to dress comfortably, this is a good choice. Of course, some of the 100% cotton treated by special processes such as wool removal and softening are also high-grade fabrics.

Mercerized cotton The worsted fabric is made of worsted fabric and cotton is used as raw material. After the special processing processes such as singeing, mercerizing and so on, it is made of high quality mercerized yarn which is bright, bright, soft and wrinkle resistant. The high quality T-shirt fabric made of this material not only completely preserves the natural characteristics of the raw cotton, but also has the silk luster, the fabric feels soft, the moisture absorption and breathability, the elasticity and the sag are quite good, and the color is rich, the clothes are comfortable and casual, and the full body has the temperament and taste of the clothes.

The fabric features of the top grade T - Shirts:

Pure / soft / comfortable / silk slippery / delicate / sensed

It is suitable for the production of high grade T - shirts and brand T - shirts OEM.

It is suitable for brand customization and brand image products.

Health / softness / comfort / high cost performance

These fabrics are the mainstream fabrics in the market and are suitable for the production of most T-shirts in the retail and wholesale markets.

Our factory is a manufacturer, with lower cost of raw materials and higher cost performance.

Packaging and transportation of high-end custom T Shirts :

Packaging details          Internal packing: 1

/ plastic bag or custom

External packing:

Export cartons: 48 centimeters * 34 centimeters * 44 centimeters

Capacity: about 60 pieces / boxes

Delivery time             30 days


Internal packing           1 / plastic bags or custom


Outer packing             Export carton:

48 cm * 34 cm * 44 cm capacity: 65 pieces / boxes

Weight: 14 kilos


Transport                FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, UPS and so on.


High-end custom T shirts :

1. we provide a free sample, you only need to pay postage.

2. we promise to provide samples according to the agreement. For our reasons, we need to carry out second samples at the expense of us.

3. we will finish the order on time. If the delivery date is broken, you can deduct the 1% value of the contract value or the negotiation between the two parties.

Company profile :

The production and process of T - shirts

Advanced production equipment ensures higher accuracy and higher production efficiency.

Ensure the stability of T - shirt production.

Our company is the sixth member Council of China Knitting Industry Association.

Because benchmarking enterprises in the industry have stricter quality inspection standards.

More than 10 years of experience in garment production.

Able to complete every order with high quality and high standard.


Q1, how do you get a free guarantee of the order?

Send us a message and we'll help you.

The guarantee of the order will protect the transportation, payment and quality.

Q2: are you a factory?

A: Yes, we are a direct factory, engaged in knitted garments, such as T-shirts, home clothes, thermal underwear and so on. We can provide customized garments according to customer's requirements.

Company video link: https://cloud.video.taobao.com/play/u/2153292369/p/1/e/1/t/10300/fv/102/55649369.swf

Q3: how do I get a sample from you to confirm the quality?

A1: you can provide fabric composition, size drawing and detail process for us. We will arrange the sample according to your specifications.

A2: you can send samples to us or your design artwok, we can make corresponding samples according to the organization samples or your design.

Question 4: can you OEM or ODM?

A: Yes, we are a factory, OEM or ODM is very simple.


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Taian Liyuan industry and Trade Co., Ltd. now supplies High-end custom T shirts in large quantities. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to send us enquiries.

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