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Kinglyacid Liquid (Acidifier Liquid)

Liquid Acidifier for Poultry


Kinglyacid,is an acidifying agent, balanced, synergistic and highly concentrated combination of organic acids and copper. It exerts its action by rapidly reducing the pH in drinking water and does not affect water consumption.


The acidification of water-and with it the intestinal environment -inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, molds and yeasts and improves the digestion of proteins. Copper plays an important role in different metabolic processes and also has a bactericidal effect. Kinglyacid offers an optimal medium for proper digestion and inhibits the development of pathogenic bacteria in the water and intestine of animals. 


Stress and water hygiene have an important influence on animal health. Stress decreases the secretion of acid in the stomach and leads to a reduction in protein digestion. Water hygiene needs attention because of its bacteriological contamination and that of the intestinal flora, resulting in problems such as diarrhea,higher feed conversion rate, less uniformity and pathological processes.


As a preventive measure, when it is required to acidify the water -and the intestinal tract-and with it, install a program to improve water quality, increasing the availability of nutrients, intestinal health and the preservation of water and wet feed.

When it is required to regulate the pH of very alkaline waters within the optimum range for the antibacterial effect of chlorination(pH 7. 2-7. 8).

Specific indication include digestive problems, after vaccination, drinking water of poor microbiological quality stress situations, after the use of antibiotics, wet bed, poor diet, among other situations.

Its use can improve the conversion rate, the quality of the egg shell, fertility, the percentage of posture, the hatching rate and the stunted growth.


Formic acid, Acetic acid, Propionic acid, Lactic acid, Copper sulfate, excipients q.s.

Target species

 Poultry and livestock

Activity in water

Killing bacterial and clearing the water pipe, no any biomembrane will be formed in the drinking water pipe and also don’t block the nipples.

Activity in Birds

1. Digestion function: when it flow to bird crop, it will make pre-digestion function, in crop, the Hydrogen ion works so it has the function of pre-digestion.

2. Promoting digestion: when it is in stomach, the Hydrogen ion is also works well and will promote the digestion when feed intake.

3. Promoting feed absorption: when it reaches to the intestinal, it can promote Intestinal villi to re-grow more and it will provide more energy for intestinal villi for its growing. More intestinal villi occur, more better feed absorption. 

Dosage and Administration

Indicated for poultry(chickens and turkeys )and pigs, orally in drinking water at rate of 1-2 liters per 1000 liters of water. Depending on the circumstances,the dosage can be increased (up to a minimum pH of 3. 7) and the period of administration can be extended. The dosage is also directly proportional to the hardness of the drinking water.

When it is required to regulate the pH of very alkaline waters within the optimum range for the antibacterial effect of chlorination(PH 7. 2-7. 8): 250-500 ml per 1000L of water.

It is recommended to clean the drinking water system with a 1-2% solution of Aquacid Cu OS before application

Main Function

-Effective against pathogenic bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter

-Improves FCR by improving protein digestion

-Positive influence on the intestinal flora

-Stimulates the production of digestive enzymes

-Preserves the drinking water by lowering the pH level

-Improves eggshell quality

-Supports fertility, laying percentage, and hatch-ability

-Reduces diarrhea and mortality rate


Jinhai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is mainly focus on research,development,promotion and sale of animal health care products and feed additives.

The company attaches great importance to intellectual property rights, applies for 21 trademarks, 6 invention patents, and 13 new utility models. At the same time, the national new veterinary drugs (3) and patent declaration work are being carried out.

Our products are well used in Poultry, Farm livestock, Aquaculture, Fur-skin animals.

1.  Poultry: chicken ( broiler, layer, breeder), duck, goose

2.  Farm livestock: pig, dairy cow, cattle

3.  Aquaculture: shrimp, fish, and other species

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