Export Epoxy resin production line

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Export Epoxy resin production line

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Epoxy resin production line

Epoxy resin production line introduction

Resin synthesis is a monomer in the reactor plus various additives, the heating, stirring, shock synthesis reaction process. Which play the most critical temperature control and additives added (drop reaction)!

Resin reactor according to the reaction temperature is divided into high-temperature resin reactor (150 ℃ -300 ℃) and low-temperature resin reactor (60 ℃ -150 ℃), the whole set of equipment from: high tank, reactor, against thin kettle, oil and water separation Condenser, vertical distillation column, heat transfer oil system, steam system, water circulation system, oil spill tank, or electric heater and many other original components, and out of materials, temperature control can be automated;

Reactor stirring according to the process needs to choose from: anchor, paddle, push, box, etc., optional two-stage mixing speed reducer or plus deceleration gear plus frequency control.

Epoxy resin production line picture



Monomer components added, transported into the high slot, after weighing or flow meter measurement, input reactor;


Solvent, water, etc. added by weighing or flowmeter measurement;


Through the automated delivery or added manually, weighing measurement by weighing bin, determine the ratio, join the reactor;


Auxiliaries and other small quantities of raw materials by the slot, by the drop pump, flow meter control feed rate



Before the production, the temperature control process is set on the IPC or the touch screen; the PLC accepts the temperature and pressure sensor signals to control the temperature change of the pump valve or manually adjust the reaction temperature according to the synthesis reaction effect; the condenser needs to recover the components in the exhaust gas, Eliminate bubbles by evacuating, exhaust gas;


The synthesis reaction is completed, the feed is fed into a thinned kettle, the home solvent, the adjuvant and the like are stirred to adjust the finished product;


The finished resin is transported to the finished product storage tank through filtration.

Device parameters


Design annual output of more than 1,000 tons, according to process and output to provide different configurations;

Production line equipment to achieve automatic feeding, automated production, automatic filling machine and other processes (testing part of the manual intervention);

Temperature control can be automatically adjusted, according to process control PLC heat pump, regulating valve and other equipment to adjust the temperature rise and fall;

The device in full accordance with the production process design, minimize human factors, ease of production management;

Pressure vessels, atmospheric pressure can be provided;

304,316 materials can be professionally manufactured, kettle body mirror finish, clean out the material, easy to clean.

Company Introduction

We are Laizhou Yuanda Chemical Machinery Factory.


We are the professional manufacturer for chemical machine, we have do this machine manufature more than20 years,have rich experience and mature technical design and export this machine.


Depend on rich experience and advance technical, we export machine to USA, UAE, Russia, Italy, Armenia,Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Iran, etc.


The chemical and industry machine we can provide like:

SMC production line, BMC production line, resin production line, coating production line, adhesive production line, floral foam production line.Reactor, ZArm mixer, dispersing machine, horizontal mixer, conical mixer, colloid mill, three roller mill, ball mill, sand mill.


Welcome To Our Factory Any Time.

Our products

We have many machine to satisfied your demands. Like different kneaders, kinds of mixer, various reactors,Three roller grinding machine, Dispersing machine, Resin production line, SMC Sheet Material Equipment, Floram Foam Production Line, Holt Melt Glue Production Line and etc.

Epoxy resin production line Packaging Details:

 Usually Package By Three Plywood,Suitable And Convenient For Shipment or Plane.

Delivery Detail: About 15-30 Days After Receive Deposit

Our Services:

 After-sales service

After-sales service process will start once our clients receive the goods. YuanDa had established

&standardized the after-sales service management system. In addition, YuanDa also efficiently 

supervise and manage the whole after-sales service system.



The warranty is one year. Since clients confirm they received the goods, we’ll provided free replacement spare parts for the damaged components (except the damages caused by wrong operation) , which we’lldeliver through FedEX,UPS, by air, by sea.



Lifelong maintenance.YuanDa provides English operation manual to instruct how t o install& maintain. If client have any technical question, we will provide instruction by phone, email, etc. timely.



YuanDa provides you with the overall installation of complicated machines, or customized equipment, or complete production line. After installation, we will make inspection of the whole machine, operate equipment, and provide you with testing reports of installation.



Our client can install the machine according to manual book provided by YuanDa, or before delivery, customers can come to YuanDa factory and have training how to operate and maintain the equipment, or our engineer is available to instruct in on-site 



 About Delivery time

Q-----What’s the delivery term for making business with us?

A--Usually we send the shipment in FOB term.However, the terms of CIF are acceptable which depend on 

the preference of clients.


About Lead Time

Q------What’s the lead time after placing the order?

A------Usually it takes about 15~30 days after we received your confirmation.However, it would depend

on our production line schedule(the timing clients place order)and the complication of the item.


About Payment Term

Q------What’s the Payment Term?

A------By T/T in Advance, or Irrevocable L/C as Sight.


Contact us: We will offer you price referring to your detail request, so please kindly inform us of the material, viscosity, density, etc, and other 

requirements you prefer, and the special offer will be given.

The pictures are above just for your reference.

Our machines can be customized, leave an inquiry to know more details about price, packing, shipping

and price.Any questions, feel free to contact with this supplier


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