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  "Cultural stone" may be a general name. Natural cultural stones are often divided into matter arenaceous rock and exhausting slate from material. Artificial culture stone product square measure manufactured from inorganic pigments, like cement, sand, ceramsite so on, once skilled process and special steam solidifying technology.

It has the benefits of environmental protection, energy saving, light-weight weight, high strength and sensible opposing temperature reduction ability. it's typically used for exterior wall or interior decoration.

Features and specifications of slate on bricks:

Name Artificial Stone / Culture Stone

Shape Irregular, like natural stone

Usage Indoor & outdoor wall cladding & landscaping decoration

Color White, Earth, Grey, Coffee, Orange, Red, Yellow, can be customized.

Feature Easy to fix & clean; water&fire-proof; environmental friendly

  Slate on bricks veneers square measure more cost-effective and sensible than natural stone product. they're lighter in weight want} less cutting and shaping than natural product need. These top quality and sturdy cultivated stone materials square measure made in an exceedingly wide selection of stone designs, textures, and colours to match any preference.


  Reductions in freight prices, handling, waste, and also the labor needed to use add up a big reduction in price compared to natural stone product.

  Slate on bricks veneer product square measure immune to rain, wind, snow, and weather. The materials need little or no maintenance compared to wood siding, square measure simply additional sturdy, and also the colours won't fade.

The advantages of Slate on bricks:

  Slate on bricks has many sensible benefits. It’s a lighter weight material then natural stone, which suggests there isn’t further support required to the inspiration or perhaps the lateral walls. With a decent house wrap as a wet barrier, some wire shaping machine hooked up firmly to the protective covering, a decent exterior thinset and presto: cultivated stone are often applied. With the rear of cultivated stone being thus flat, and also the texture from the producing thus contributive to mortar adhesion, it’s way easier to enclose a target stone than what was offered simply a number of years agone. 


  Slate on bricks is light-weight and independent. it's immune to the dramatic weather changes of the southwest. The mineral, chemical compound colours used square measure permanent, and impermeable to sun, snow, wind and rain. cultivated stone has none of the upkeep related to building materials like wood or cement board siding.

Our benefits

  As a manufacturer, we've sensible relationship with several quarry house owners in China and abroad UN agency will sell blocks to North American country at the foremost competitive worth. and that we have priority to pick the most effective quality blocks within the quarry directly thanks to our stable and massive demand of blocks. during this case, our worth and quality of finished product will satisfy our shoppers well.


  As a manufacturer, we've robust mind regarding internal control. we have a tendency to own hot engineers UN agency square measure to blame of constructing scrutiny piece by piece throughout the assembly section consistent with our rigorous QC management system. because of their accountable work, our criticism rate has been controlled well all the time.

  As Associate in Nursing businessperson, our team has glorious power of sourcing appropriate makers for differing orders consistent with the client's wants. so as to scale back the customers’ getting prices, we have a tendency to develop several qualified factories set in origin place of fabric that price of material and transportation is way lower as a result of they're close to the quarry.


  As Associate in Nursing businessperson, our team has wonderful ability of sourcing new material. we've to mention, some style corporations and construction corporations value more highly to work with North American country is as a result of we have a tendency to perpetually will counsel and submit appropriate new material samples still as a details report concerning accessibility, suitableness for prompt use for his or her bids terribly quickly. and that we perpetually will offer the most recent stone data, technology and surface finishing frequently.

Company information:

Laizhou Kingstone Co., Ltd may be a direct manufacturer of construction stone, we've quite ten yearsexperience during this line of business. we have a tendency to style and manufacture a good vary of natural stone, giving an in depth selection of colors and styles, that square measure offered for floor, wall, paving, tops, stairs, willdow sills, swimming pools, etc. no matter you wish, we will do for you. Welcome your inquiry & your trial order.


We square measure knowledgeable manufacturer and businessperson that concerned in stone field for several years, we will provide you with move size, slabs, countertops, CNC carvings, mosaic, and forms of marble & granite for residential and industrial comes. 

  Warmly welcomes your enquiry. we have a tendency to sincerely hope to develop a long-lived and pleasant account with you. thanks.


 The academic name of slate on bricks is cast stone, which is defined as "exquisite building concrete building unit manufacturing, simulated natural cutting and stone extraction, for unit masonry application".


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